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NOETICUS STAFF - Noeticus Job Leads Website

Noeticus Job Leads Website is a free service of Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute. It is a place to search for - as well as post - job opportunities in the mental health, human services, and victim advocacy professions that are located in the Denver/Boulder Metropolitan Area of

Membership in this group is completely voluntary and you may come and go at any time by changing your account membership preferences on the Yahoo! membership website or by making a request to the moderator. Membership status in this group is confidential.

Information on this website is provided as a courtesy only and implies no contract or implicit agreement between Noeticus or any of the agencies or organizations listed on the website. Also, as information and situations change rapidly, none of the information provided on this website is guaranteed to be accurate. For questions or further inquiries about anything posted on this website, please consult the agency or organization directly.

In order to access this site and use it at its optimum, you will need to join the "Yahoo! Group" that supports it. You may do this by visiting the following website:
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Click to join NoeticusJobLeads

Once you have accessed this website it will then ask you to create a profile that includes a user name and password. Please keep this information private and handy so that you can access it later. Having access to the Noeticus Job Leads Yahoo! Group allows you to:
  • View archival information.
  • Access previously sent emails and announcements.
  • Visit the "LINKS" section of the website. This section has numerous hotlinks to a variety of organizations, agencies, and other employment opportunities in the Denver/Boulder Metropolitan area.
If you do not want to be able to access the website and the rich content therein, you may register for the email distribution list only by simply sending an email message to:
You may also unsubscribe from the email distribution list by simply sending an email message to:
If you have a correction, addition, deletion, or suggestion to improve this site, please feel free to share your ideas by contacting the list moderator. Also, please feel free to share this site with others who may be interested. Thank you!