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 Julia A. Parisian

  • Doctoral Training Director and Clinical Supervisor
- PhD Michigan State University
        • Licensed Psychologist (LP)
        • Specializing in Trauma and Recovery
        • Experience with Severe Stress and Dissociation
        • EMDR Certified


Dr. Julia Parisian has been a staff psychologist with Noeticus since 2009 and serves as the Training Director and one of the Clinical Supervisors for the Doctoral Internship Program. She is a Licensed Psychologist (LP) and specializes in the treatment of severe mood disorders and psychological trauma. Dr. Parisian's clinical expertise draws on her extensive background working with adult survivor's of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, stress management, dissociation, and trauma and recovery.

She completed her postdoctoral training in 1991 with the University of California San Francisco where she researched the dynamics of dating aggression with the National Institute of Mental Health. She has completed trainings in EMDR and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Parisian also serves as a consultant to local organizations specializing in victim services for those recovering from traumatic stress.
  • Doctoral Training Director
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • PhD, LP

    • 303-399-9988 x 151