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Innovative Approaches to Counseling and Change

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     Intake Session - Standard
     Intake Session - Senior Staff Psychotherapist
         - 10+ years post-licensure experience
         - All services below prorated
     15 Minute Phone Call* - Standard
     25 Minute Session/Phone Call* - Standard
     50 Minute Session/Phone Call* - Standard
     80 Minute Session/Phone Call* - Standard
     Half Day Session (4 Hours w/Breaks) - Standard
          - Great for doing focused or intensive work
    (Save $55.00)
     Full Day Session (8 Hours w/Breaks) - Standard
         - Great for people wanting quick results
    (Save $110.00)
     Group Sessions - Standard
         - Interns, Externs, and Staff Psychotherapists
          - Senior Staff Psychotherapist Rate

     Simple Assessment
     Basic Assessment (< 1 Hour; Verbal Report) 
     Broad Assessment (2 - 4 Hours; Written Report)
     Integrated Assessment (> 4 Hours; Full Report)
     Other Options May Be Contracted Individually
     Please Ask
     Supervision/Consultation (1.0 Hours; Individual)
     Supervision/Consultation (2.0 Hours; Group)
     Organizational Consultation (1.0 Hours)
     Half-Day Training (3.0 - 3.75 Hours)
     $850.00 + Travel
     One-Day Training (6.0 - 7.5 Hours)
     Two-Day Training (12.0 - 15.0 Hours)
     Three-Day Training (18.0 - 22.5 Hours)
     Other Options May Be Contracted Individually
     Please Ask
    * NOTE: Client Assumes Responsibility for All Long Distance Fees



    Counseling and psychotherapy is an investment in yourself, your relationship, and/or your family. For this reason it is important to pay a fee that reflects both the value of the services you are receiving as well as the importance you put on your growth as a person, couple, or family who is choosing to use these services. Over and over, we have found that when our clients pay fees that reflect their level of commitment to the therapeutic process they tend to benefit more from our services.

    As the clinical staff at Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute, we are deeply committed to the profession of counseling and psychotherapy and have spent a good portion of our lives and invested a great deal of our personal resources in order to bring you the the type of attention, care, and expertise you deserve. We also have a strong investment in providing innovative and effective counseling and psychotherapy to anyone in our community who is interested in it and all of our practitioners are continually learning, growing, and integrating new modalities so that we are able to provide this. At the same time, we also are firmly rooted in the belief that we need to ensure that the type and quality of our services is affordable and available to individuals, couples, and families in our community who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

    In order to reach these goals, we do the following things:
    • Keep our Standard Fee Low: Many private practitioners charge as much as $150.00 per hour. Although we are experienced psychotherapists with a great deal to offer, we keep our standard fee of $120.00 per hour relatively low so that more people can access our services. Thus if you are in a position to pay our standard fee, we ask you to do so. This enables us to provide adjusted fees to others who aren't able to pay our full fee.
    • Offer an Adjustable Fee Schedule: If you are not able to pay our standard fee at any point during the therapeutic relationship, your therapist will work with you on determining a fee that accurately reflects your investment in yourself and your present life situation. We ask that if you situation changes, you let your therapist know so that your fee adjustment can be re-negotiated.
    • Work with Insurance, Cafeteria Plans, and Health Savings Accounts: Though we are not preferred providers on any insurance panels, we will work with you so that you can submit out-of-network insurance claims to your insurance company or claims to your cafeteria plan or HSA.
     What We Offer You

    On our end, we have established the value of our services based on a combination of the education, training, experience, and skills of our therapists and practitioners as well as on an analysis of the market-value for these services in the Denver/Boulder Metropolitan area. Our standard fees are outlined in the Fee Schedule listed above and we expect all of our clients to pay for their services based on this schedule unless other kinds of arrangements have been made. Our commitment to you, your relationship, and/or your family is to bring all of our strengths, experience, training, resources, and knowledge to the therapeutic relationship no matter what your financial situation is.

     What We Ask of You

    On your end, we ask you to consider paying the standard fee, or as much of it as possible, when you choose to enlist our staff in reaching your therapeutic goals. Though we are a community-based, not-for-profit organization that offers low-fee counseling and support services to those in our community who need it, we also believe that it is therapeutically important for all of us to have the opportunity to invest in our lives at a level that accurately reflects our value and life circumstances.

    For this reason, if you are committed to starting counseling with one of us and are not able to pay the standard fee, we are more than happy to work with you on finding an adjusted fee that reflects both your value (as an individual, couple, or family) and your life circumstance. We are committed to making our services accessible to anyone who really wants them and will not turn anyone away simply because they are not able to pay the standard fee.

     How Do We Determine An Adjusted Fee If I/We Need It?

    If you, your partner, or your family determine with your therapist that an adjusted fee is necessary in order for you to receive (or continue to receive) services with us, we will look at several things. First, we will try to find a fee that is an accurate reflection of the value you place on yourself and the therapeutic process and that takes into account your life situation. In other words, from a therapeutic standpoint we will look at things like your relationship to money, your budget and finances, the value of these services in your life, the frequency with which you will be utilizing these services each week, and the overall length of time you will be working with us as a client. Because the decision to engage in therapy is a decision to actively look at your life, it is beneficial for most clients to pay a fee that keeps this decision forefront in their minds. In other words, the decision to start therapy - to look at your life and your relationships in new ways - may be a decision that prevents you from doing some other things in your life for a period of time. This is actually good because it means you will most likely take the process seriously and use your counseling and therapy time to its greatest advantage.

    If you are considering counseling or psychotherapy with us, we encourage you to call and talk with one of our therapists so that you can discuss your financial circumstances more specifically. We will then help you determine what your current resources are and what course of action will best meet your needs.
    Fees for services are usually agreed upon during your phone intake session so there are no surprises once you come in for your first session. Fees can always be re-negotiated at any time, so keep that in mind.

     Accepted Forms of Payment
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Money Order
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover Card
    • American Express
    • Purchase Order or Corporate Invoice


    Statement about Insurance at Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute pending.