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 Family Matters Classes
"Parenting the Love and Logic Way®"

Family Matters is a very effective parenting curriculum based on the Love and Logic® model of parent education. This model is also integrated with a variety of other empirically-supported and parent-tested approaches to parenting education, all of which are deeply rooted in a solid understanding of child and adolescent development. 

Family Matters is an effective parenting program that reduces behavior problems and increases motivation, responsibility, and resilience. It is for parents, caregivers, and educators of all kinds who are committed to learning and practicing skills that support the development of responsible, resilient, and emotionally well-regulated children.

Family Matters
 teaches simple and practical techniques to help parents, caregivers, and educators with kids of all ages. Some of the skill-based outcomes of this class include:
  • Gaining a variety of tools for raising responsible kids
  • Learning creative ways to build a healthy relationship with your child or children
  • Discovering and practicing techniques for minimizing whining and power struggles
  • Establishing easy and immediately effective ways of changing destructive or disrespectful behavior
  • Finding support in setting and keeping limits
  • Creating long-term positive changes in the parent and/or caregiver relationship
The Family Matters course is taught in an engaging and interactive style combining lecture, video, group discussion, role-play, art, non-verbal communication, and fun. All of our classes are taught by master's level counselors or interns with training in child development and family systems. In addition, our class instructors are all independent facilitators of Parenting the Love and Logic Way® developed by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. based in Golden, Colorado.

 course consists of 8.0 hours of powerful and immediately applicable content. The investment for this course is $199.00 (about $24.87 per hour for 8 hours). This is a $161.00 value and is an investment that will have ongoing positive returns for you and your family for years, decades, and even generations to come.  


 Class Dates
Family Matters Classes

Option A

Option A provides Family Matters classes that meet in 2 hour intervals over four weeks. You schedule your classes with your Family Matters Facilitators during times that work for both of you.
An optional Children's Play Group* is offered with Option A in order to make it easier for you to attend this class. This group is facilitated by our counseling and couple and family therapy interns.

Because classes are limited in size and fill up quickly, please be sure to register for your class well in advance.

* NOTE: Children must be between the ages of 5 and 12 and be potty-trained to participate in this play group. Pre-registration is required and the play group is an additional $15.00 per class. 


Option B

Option B provides the entire Family Matters curriculum in a single day. You will schedule this day with your Family Matters Facilitators during a time that works within your schedule. You will receive the same 8 hour curriculum, but it will be delivered in single day.


 Registration Information
  • Dates
    • Option A (see above)
    • Option B (see above)
  • Time
    • Option A: 2 Hour Classes over Four Weeks
    • Option B: 8 Hour Class in One Day
  • Where:
    • Noeticus Office
    • 190 East 9th Avenue
    • Denver CO 80203 
  • Cost
    • $199.00 for either option
    • Includes all classroom materials
  • Registration Form
    • Please download the registration form HERE and mail, fax, or email back to our office.
    • If you are paying by credit card, please download the credit card authorization form HERE.
  • More Information:
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